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a blood thinner such as warfarin coumadin ; omeprazole prilosec ; fluconazole diflucan ; ranitidine bismuth citrate tritec ; sildenafil viagra ; theophylline respbid, theo-dur, theoclear, theochron, uniphyl ; cholesterol-lowering medicines such as lovastatin mevacor , simvastatin zocor , pravastatin pravachol , fluvastatin lescol , or atorvastatin lipitor ; drugs that weaken your immune system, such as cyclosporine neoral, sandimmune, gengraf , sirolimus rapamune , tacrolimus prograf , or steroids; heart rhythm medicine such as digoxin digitalis, lanoxicaps, lanoxin , disopyramide norpace , or quinidine cardioquin, quinaglute ; hiv medicines such as ritonavir norvir or zidovudine retrovir ; a sedative such as alprazolam xanax , midazolam versed , or triazolam halcion ; or seizure medications such as carbamazepine carbatrol, tegretol , phenytoin dilantin , and valproic acid depakote, depakene .

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crestor, lipitor, and zocor work in basically the same way.

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i have been prescribed crestor, zocor, and lipitor in the past with the same results.

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do not wont with zocor doses greater than 20 mg day, mevacor doses greater than 40 mg day; haw increment lipitor aim use frown dose ; increases essay of myopathy and rhabdomy- olysis.

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periodic ck determinations may be considered in patients starting therapy with zocor or whose dose is being increased, but there is no assurance that such monitoring will prevent myopathy.

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